PC gaming can be expensive, well all gaming can be expensive really. It can be hard to play the games you really want to play because of how costly it all is. What’s worse is that a lot of the time you will find yourself having to prioritise which games you want to play, and you end up missing out on some of the most anticipated, meaning that by the time you get the chance to play the game, the hype has died down and you’re not that interested anymore. So here’s a list of the best gaming deals to help you out.


Bundles are a great place to get started. There are plenty of bundle sites around that offer you a lot of games in a pay-what-you-want system, and a cut of the money goes to charity so that everybody wins!

Humble Bundle and Humble Bundle’s Weekly Sale: This is the most well-known site and because of that it usually gets you the better deals. Big name games from the major developers will often show up here for a very enticing price.

Indie Royale: This I a great site for some of the lesser known games. The price of the whole bundle is usually around the £3 or $5 mark and for that price you get some diamonds in the rough to unearth – see Baby Bundle – Apple Jack. As a mark of the quality, the games we have seen come out of this site include Bit.Trip Runner and Serious Sam.

Indie Gala: Indie Gala is great for big bundles, and  you can get a lot of games for a very low price, again around the £3 or $5 mark. However, this comes with the downside of their being a lot of games you don’t really know about, that aren’t really that interesting. Previous games to come out of their bundles include Magicka, Cities in Motion, Trine, Defcon and Knights of Pen and Paper.

Bundle Stars: This site offers multiple bundles at the same time. There are lots of games on this site for almost nothing, but a lot of them are worth exactly that. Sometimes you might see a good game though and want to pick it up alongside a few unknowns for a knock down price. Previous games to come out of here include Jagged Alliance and the Tropico series.

Bundle in a Box: This site can also pull through for a decent game every so often, but it’s slim pickings. Previous bundles included Eversion and I Get This Call Everyday.

Indie Game Stand: This site is a bit different to the rest, it offers you a new indie game every 96 hours and it’s a pay-what-you-want system (they recommend $10, but it’s up to you). They do have a history of giving you some well-known games very early and for a good price. Some games you might have heard of to come out of this site include Bleed and Walking Mars.

Most of these sites also include some small bonuses if you beat the average. The range from wallpapers to guides and even soundtracks, so it can be well worth keeping your eye out for these, if that’s the type of thing you’re interested in. You can also sign up to the news letter for most of these sites to be informed of when there are deals on.

Are you interested in the weekly deals on Steam but find it hard to keep up to date with them all? This is what you need.

Totalbiscuit’s salebox: A weekly video rounding up all the games that are on sale alongside with some footage of the game and the opinion of a very experienced gamer on whether it’s worth the price.


If you have it, following the right people can help you keep on top of all the daily deals floating around. Here’s a couple of accounts that you might want to check out:


There’s a subreddit for everything, and finding game deals is certainly no exception:



If you’re in the UK:


If you’re still unsure:



The last place to keep a look out on is the distributors. Different distributors will have sales at different times, so you can always find different games on sale.

GamersGate: Gamersgate has an option to search by games that are on sale and also to search by the current best-selling games. The latter option is a great way of finding the best deal as it finds the games everybody is buying. At the time of writing, the best-selling game on the site is Metro: Last Light, and it this isn’t surprising as the game is currently 50% off.

Green Man Gaming: A good site to keep an eye on; constant deals with the option of trading in old console games and even reviewing them for credit. Always check for voucher codes too, as this site they usually has some. Also check for their deal collections, at the moment a massive selection of horror deals are available plus 75% extra off from the voucher codes they supply.

Voucher Code

This is the sort of thing to look out for on GMG.

GameFly: Similar to Green Man Gaming, you can search by deals, and they also have bundles. They also display a coupon on their page to look out for, usually for 20% off all games. Something of note, Football Manager 2014 on this site is £24 (Written 20/10/2013) yet it is £40 everywhere else.

Good Old Games/GOG: This is another similar distributor, however you get no keys, all the games are all downloads. They display constant themed deals displayed. At time of writing point-and-click-a-thon, 60% off all point and click. They specialise in some lovely old games like Theme Hospital and Caesar III. You also get free bonus items like walk-throughs and wallpapers.

Savy Gamer

This site is a real juggernaut for finding you cheap deals on everything gaming. From telling you about which bundles are going on to finding you the best deals on the next generation of consoles. You get no opinions on the deals, just a list of them so you do need to research them yourself, but the site constantly updates with new deals and voucher codes.

Also of note

Get Games Go

Groupees: Another Bundle Site.

The Free Bundle: The Free Bundle is exactly what you’d expect it is. The games are free, so there is no harm in trying it you, but you may not have the most fun playing them. What’s the harm though?

Is There Any Deal?: There are a lot of deal comparison sites around, but in terms of gaming there aren’t many good ones. This one is constantly updated and will keep you up to date on anything you might want to buy.

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