Faster than Light has been one of my favourite games since its release but recently I feel I’d played it too much. I didn’t have to read the events anymore, I just knew them. It wasn’t a challenge anymore, I just knew what I needed. I thought I was done with the game until I found a small modding community for it and the mods have really reignited my spark for this fantastic rougelike.

Step 1

You’re going to need to download python. It’s the language the mods are coded in. Go here and download the right one for your system. It’s a simple install so just click your way through it.

Step 2

Hopefully you managed that fine. Now that you have the language you’re going to need a mod manager and Grognak’s mod manager is to FTL what Forge is to Minecraft. If you’re on windows you can find the download here and mac/linux can find their version here.

When that has downloaded, put it somewhere that you’ll remember and extract it. It should look like this inside:


Step 3

You should use this time to give it a check and see if you can get it working. In the readme is says to open the .exe but that brings me errors. I can run it fine by opening, so I suggest you do the same if the .exe doesn’t work.

If it’s working correctly it should look like this:

Mod manager

Step 4

Now you’re all ready to install some mods! We just need to know where to find them. The best place to look is over at the official forum where there is a master list of all the mods. Choose the mods you want. I would recommend starting with a simple graphics mod to help you get the hang of it. I’ll be installing Better Planets and Backgrounds 1.3, which I found on the forums.

Once the mod(s) you want are downloaded locate the .zip files and copy them to where you saved your mod manager. Inside there is a mods folder, there should already be a mod in there called “Beginning scrap advantage. Put your zipped mod files in here and extract them, renaming the readme.txt’s when needed.

Step 5

Now you have your manager and your mods so lets put them together. Open your manager as you did before and you should see that all the new mods you’ve downloaded are there. Highlight the ones you want to install (Sometimes it is required that you put them in a specific order and this will be specified in the readme but if they’re just small mods you should be fine.) and click patch. A screen will pop up to indicate the progress. It will look like this:


Step 6


It usually takes one to two minutes.

Once it’s done you should get this screen:


Step 7

Feel the excitement build and rush to click that YES button as quick as you can!

Step 8



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